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Sterling Silver Water Cast Cairn Necklace

Sterling Silver Water Cast Cairn Necklace

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Ever feel a little lost?!  Find your way with a Sterling Silver Water Cast Cairn Necklace.  A cairn is a human-made pile of stones. The word cairn comes from the Gaelic term meaning “heap of stones.”   One of the most common purposes of a cairn is to mark a trail or turn in a trail to guide hikers.

Each solid Sterling Silver drop is cast in water, hence the name.  This casting process creates these solid Sterling Silver cups that are then hammered flat, burnished to bring out the shine, and then punctured to dangle on a handmade Sterling Silver headpin.

Small enough to be able to wear every day or layered with other necklaces for a bohemian look.  Makes for easy gift giving.  

This necklace comes with a standard 18” Sterling Silver chain.  Drops measures 0.75“H x 0.25“W.  Need a different length of chain, or want to add a gemstone or glass bead?  Contact me for custom orders.  Prices may vary.

Handmade in Duluth, MN USA.