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Sterling Silver Carnelian Ring
Sterling Silver Carnelian Ring

Sterling Silver Carnelian Ring

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Carnelian is known as a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage in the gemstone world.  Want to ask for that raise or motivate yourself?  Carnelian is the stone you should be wearing.  And who couldn't use a little more motivation sometimes in their daily life.

This ring is constructed completely of solid Sterling & Fine Silver.  The Sterling Silver ring band is a 4mm wide and 1.5mm thick to make for a sturdy ring shank.  The Carnelian is set in Fine silver and the Sterling Silver ring base measures 3/4" diameter.  You will see texturing, scratches, nicks, and dings through out the ring.  This is done on purpose for a handmade feel and look.  

Makes for great gift giving.  Ring will fit a US size 8 finger.  Ring can be extended up to 2 sizes.

Note:  Rings are okay to wear in the shower and washing your hands.  However, do not wear them in chlorinated pools as over time, the chlorine could ruin the ring.  Want a similar style ring with a different kind of gemstone?  Contact me for custom orders. Prices may vary.

Handmade in Duluth, MN USA