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Lake Superior Collection

The Lake Superior Collection is inspired by the majestic Lake Superior.  Specifically the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Just like the ocean can be treacherous, so can this beautiful lake.

Everyday the waters of Lake Superior change the shoreline along the North Shore.  My family and I love spending time along the North Shore and collecting the treasures that are churned up by the lake.

Then, I take these treasures and turn them into wearable art jewelry just for you.  Each piece is a one of a kind as no two piece of beach glass, hunks of metal, driftwood, or any other number of objects found are exactly alike.  If you want to learn more about beach glass, read my blog about beach glass.

Not seeing what you are looking for?  Let's talk custom order.  I have many stones, beach glass, driftwood, and hunks of metal just waiting to be turned into your next wearable piece of art.