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Lake Superior Beach Glass, Real or Fake?

Did you know that there is a huge difference between real beach glass that has been tumbled by Lake Superior and man-made beach glass people say is from Lake Superior?

No two pieces of beach glass are the same size or shape.  If someone touts that they found perfectly shaped beach glass both in the same size, color,  and shape, are not telling you the truth.

I have been scavenging the North Shore of Lake Superior since 1999 and I have never found two pieces the same.  They might have been close, but never the same. Here is an example some of the pieces my family and I have found recently.



And here are some pieces that I bought from a vendor just to show you the difference.



The man-made pieces are all perfectly shaped, same size and have a frosted type of look to them.  Most of the beach glass found on Lake Superior is not frosted and smooth all over. They can tend to have jagged edges sometimes, which I cover for your safety, with decorative wire weaving.

In telling and showing you the difference, I hope to help you to be more aware of people who are not selling genuine beach glass from Lake Superior.  Be aware of other not so honest people who make beach glass in a rock tumbler as well.

Yes, you can make your own beach glass, however, it has not actually been tumbled by a lake or ocean for that matter.  People can make man-made beach glass by taking glass bottles, breaking them up, and tossing the pieces into a rock tumbler.  They will try to pawn this off as real beach glass. Be careful.

Another good way to tell the difference is by the color of the beach glass.  Some of the more popular colors of beach glass found along the North Shore of Lake Superior are brown, clear/white, seafoam green, and dark green.  Blues and reds are rare finds, and cherished when they are found; especially in larger sizes.


Photo courtesy of A Superior Place


Many pieces of beach glass might have letters, words or numbers on them, which makes them really fun to create into wearable art jewelry for you or a loved one.  So the next time you are shopping, and someone tells you that it is Lake Superior Beach Glass, take a good look. They might be pulling your leg.

I guarantee that every piece in the Lake Superior Collection (coming soon) is 100% made from and found along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

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