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Have you ever wanted to be in the loop on something and the first to know?!  Well now is your chance.

When you join Quay Ann Designs VIP Tribe, you get to be the first to see new designs.  

Ok, so I get to see the new designs, big whoop!  

Well it is a big whoop.  Not only do you get to see them first, but you get to purchase them first as well.

What does that mean?  You get to purchase new items before they are made available to the public with a special 2-3 day purchasing event.

Ok, now you have my interest.  What is the catch?

There is no catch.  Just go to the special event in the group, check out the new items.  If you are interested, comment sold and then I will handle everything from there.  And I almost forgot, you will also enjoy free shipping on all purchases, no minimum orders or quantities.

Now you really have me interested.  Are there any other great benefits to being a VIP Tribe member?

Yes, there sure is.  You can converse with other VIP members, receive special promotions and gifts that no one else gets, and coming soon Facebook Live sales.  That’s right, I will be live in the group showcasing products for your shopping pleasure.

Where do I sign up?  

Just click “I Want To Be A VIP” and submit your request.  I will get you approved as quickly as I can!  Please allow 24 hours for your request to be granted.

I look forward to seeing in the Tribe!

All the best,

Quay Flom CVO

Quay Ann Designs

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